Thursday, May 21, 2009

New "Magic" Format

Thanks to help from my daughter Carol, the blog now has a new formatting feature--expandable posts. This was a feature used on other blogs that I had dearly coveted, but of course had no idea how to acquire.
Because my posts tend to be rather long, I wanted readers to be able to scan the headlines and intros like in a table of contents, then read more if they wanted to. Carol worked her programming magic, sticking with me even when I gave her the wrong password at first--how was I to know capital letters count?

Now if you click on "Read More" the post is expanded in place. If you'd like to see the comments or add your own comment, click on the date or on the "Comments" link at the bottom of the post.

And now I'm ready to actively spread the word about the Old Aurora Branch blog. If you know any former members, please tell them about it. (It's hard to find on Google because there's lots of rivers and banks, etc., named Aurora Branch, but we'll manage.) And thanks again, Carol.

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